Who Will Walk With Us

From our statewide listening sessions and the survey responses, we learned ECMN members seek to call a Bishop who will:

And, we seek to call a Bishop to the Bold North, a person who will love living in the great state of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. Learn more about living in Minnesota

Creatively Reimagine Role of Bishop

The ECMN seeks a Bishop to walk with us as we reimagine the core work of our Bishop—engaging in spiritual practices, reaching out to our neighbors, visiting faith communities, cultivating spiritual connections, providing theological grounding, and looking to traditions while living into the future church. We hope for a Bishop who can help us learn from our successes while working to understand our challenges. As our Episcopal churches continue to reflect national demographic trends, we are presented with an opportunity to address the growing need for authentic practices that bring the love of Jesus into our lives, into communities, and into the world.

Boldly Acknowledge and Embrace a Changing Church

The ECMN is experiencing the national trend toward declining church attendance, closing buildings, and difficulty filling positions in faith communities. Some churches are thriving while others are struggling. These evolving changes offer both opportunities and challenges. One thing is certain—led by the Holy Spirit, the ECMN is learning to adapt to a changing culture. We invite a Bishop to join us on this exciting adventure of navigating a new landscape. We are not looking for a Bishop who has all the answers, but rather someone who will walk with us as we experiment with new ideas and new ways of being church while remaining faithful to our Episcopal traditions. 

Courageously Adapt to Shifts in Church Demographics

The ECMN hopes for a Bishop who will help us determine how to use time and resources at the diocesan and congregational levels.  Like all mainline denominations, many ECMN faith communities experience less participation in church governance, membership, and monetary resources.  We seek a Bishop who will help us innovate and reimagine our structures and processes to reflect  changes in our faith communities and at the diocesan level.

Humbly Walk with Us

The ECMN wants its Bishop to be present, visit congregations, and to make time for learning, listening, and acting. We hope for a Bishop willing to listen for what is working and what needs attention, one who will practice a ministry of presence and will walk with us on this exciting journey of discovery as God guides us into the future church.

Walk with us on this adventure of living into Christ’s love here in Minnesota.

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota calls a Bishop willing to embrace the opportunities and challenges of living in Minnesota. With its four distinct seasons, Minnesota has an abundance of ways to bask in the glory of God’s creation and to experience stimulation, restoration, and peace.

Minnesota has four beautifully distinct seasons to enjoy activities year round

Learn More about Living in Minnesota:

Walk with us on this adventure of living into Christ’s love here in Minnesota.

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