We are asking all Episcopalians in Minnesota to take the following important survey. Can you spare 20 minutes or so to help the Search Committee determine what qualities and characteristics the next bishop of Minnesota should have?

The survey asks questions designed to discover what areas you believe the Church needs to grow, and your hopes and concerns as we discern candidates for the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in MN.

Thanks for your involvement.

The online survey will be open until April 26th.

Take the Survey

If you experience difficulty taking the survey or are unable to access it via the link provided, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some members of my congregation don’t have access to the Internet. How can they take the survey? A: If someone in your congregation lacks Internet access to take the survey, please print off a copy for them and have them return it to you quickly. It is your responsibility to enter their responses into the online survey tool in separate responses for each survey participant. Some churches are using the buddy system to have one person (with access) enter answers for their buddy. If experiencing other issues with access, please email

Q: When I was taking the survey, I noticed that there isn’t a role for people that are staff,administrative, or non-ordained ministers. Is there a way we can add that category?
The survey that we employ comes from a third party, with limited opportunity to adjust survey categories. We value your important contributions. Due to lack of available space and varied titles and approaches by or churches, additional categories had to be limited. If you are staff or involved in lay leadership roles, (i.e., youth ministers, music ministers, church staff, etc.) select and enter your answers under the category of “Vestry/Council”. We understand that some laity will not be part of a Vestry or Council, but consider this category to be a general leadership banner. 

Q: The survey doesn’t give me space to leave written comments about the future, or concerns that I may have with ECMN as whole. Where can I send comments, concerns, notes of encouragement, and other types of comments? A: Great question! You may offer additional comments in one of two ways. Attend a Listening Session at a Mission Area Gathering, or send general comments to

Q: There are questions which ask about administrative functions of the Bishop’s office, and other things I might not know the answer to. What should I do? A: Thank you for bringing that up! We understand that some Episcopalians may not have enough knowledge or contact with the inside workings of the administration, but for those that do, we want to know your experience. This benefits not just the Search Team, but also your next Bishop. It’s okay to put “I don’t know” for those questions. The survey is simply asking your opinion, if you have one. There isn’t a right or wrong answer.


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