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Find here the ECMN Bishop Search Prayer, translated into Spanish and Hmong. We hope each faith community will read, mark, inwardly digest, and pray throughout the entire process of calling our next bishop.

God of light and life, you have faithfully guided the people of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota since the very beginning. You have raised up hard-working and entrepreneurial leaders, blessed us with racial and cultural diversity, deepened our faith, given us the courage to stand with neighbors who are struggling, and increased our awareness of your presence and activity. Help us to trust your Holy Spirit as we open our minds and hearts to discern the leader who can help us participate in your preferred and promised future. In the name of Jesus, the one who came to share our place and free us from everything that keeps us from your love so we can live for others. Amen. 

You can download the prayer for the bishop search here in Minnesota as a pdf or as an image.

Oración para el proceso de búsqueda del Décimo Obispo de Minnesota

Dios de luz y vida, has guiado fielmente a la gente de la Iglesia Episcopal en Minnesota desde el principio. Haz levantado líderes trabajadores y emprendedores, nos haz bendecido con diversidad racial y cultural, haz profundizado nuestra fe, nos haz dado el valor de estar con los vecinos que están luchando y haz aumentado nuestra conciencia de tu presencia y actividad. Ayúdanos a confiar en tu Espíritu Santo mientras abrimos nuestras mentes y corazones para discernir por el líder que puede ayudarnos a participar en tu futuro preferido y prometido. En el nombre de Jesús, quien vino a compartir nuestro lugar y a liberarnos de todo lo que nos aleja de tu amor para que podamos vivir para los demás. Amén.

Oracioen para el proceso de buesqueda del Deěcimo Obispo de Minnesota.

Zaj Thov Ntuj Nrhiav Tswv Qhia Tshiab

Los Ntawm Pab ECMN Standing Committee: “Peb vam thiab cia siab tias txhua lub koom txoos kev ntseeg yuav nyeem, cim cia, zom cov lus, thiab thov Ntuj nyob rau lub sib hawm peb tseem nrhiav tus Tswv Qhia tshiab tom ntej no.”

Tswv Ntuj ntawm lub teev ci thiab txoj sia, koj rau siab los coj pab neeg nyob hauv lub koom txoos Epsicopal nyob xeev Minnesota txij thaum lub hauv paus los. Koj tau tsim tsa muaj cov thawj coj sib zog ua hauj lwm thiab cov thawj coj ua lag luam thoob tsib, koj foom pub kom peb muaj ntau haiv neeg ua muaj kab lis kev cai sib txawv los nyob ua ke, thov pab kom peb muaj txoj kev ntseeg tob, thov pub kom peb muaj lub zog los sawm nrog cov nyob ze peb uas muaj kev ntxhov siab, thiab ua kom peb paub txog koj cov hauj lwm. Pab kom peb muaj txoj kev ntseeg Leej Ntuj Plig Ntshiab nyob rau lub sib hawm peb qhib peb lub tswv yim thiab lub siab los nrhiav tus thawj coj ua yuav los pab coj peb sib koom ua ke nyob rau lub neej tom ntej no uas peb nyiam thiab cog cia lawm. Peb thov nyob hauv Yes Xus lub npe, tus tau los ua neeg ib yam li peb thiab tau los cawm peb ntawm txhua yam uas cais peb ntawm Tswv Ntuj txoj kev hlub es kom peb muaj txoj siab nyob rau hauv lwm tus. Amen!

Zaj Thov Ntuj Nrhiav Tswv Qhia Tshiab

Bishop Search Theological Statement

As we enter a season of prayer and discernment leading to the selection of the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, we find ourselves in a time of great challenge and opportunity. The challenges are the same ones faced by churches across the denominational spectrum: a decline in attendance and participation, the greying of our membership, and a struggle to reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods.

And yet this is also a time of great opportunity. Within our neighborhoods and communities we see and hear a deep desire for God, for healing, for meaningful relationships and conversations, for justice and reconciliation, and for spiritual practices that free us to live more fully. Political and racial divides, divisive rhetoric, the precarious future of our planet, and the hopelessness and isolation highlighted by the opioid crisis have fostered among many a desire to live and serve differently.

Bishops are called to be a sign of unity for the church, locally and globally, and to empower the people of God to serve as Christ’s ambassadors in the world. Bishops also ordain and oversee priests and deacons to love and lead’s God’s people, and to connect the world and the church. The bishop is called to be the one who listens deeply to the people of God and those outside the church, and after much prayer and reflection, casts a vision inviting the church into God’s dream for human flourishing. The bishop is a bridge builder, connecting the past and present, tradition and innovation, treasures from the past with practices and ways of being church that speak to new generations. Through Spirit-filled sermons, communications, worship, and conversations s/he will help us understand how we might participate more fully in the communal life of the Triune God, the one who embodies difference without division, unity without uniformity.

The days when the Episcopal Church could attract people by hanging out a welcome sign are long gone. We must go to where our neighbors are and learn how to be in deeper relationship with them. Our future lies in plumbing the rich depths of our theological and spiritual tradition and making these treasures accessible to our own members, our children, and our neighbors. We desire a Bishop who is committed to seeking God’s leading in all things, especially in difficult situations and decisions. We seek a spiritual leader who will proclaim amidst today’s divisions and despair the Good News we have in Christ. We seek a bishop who will model unity and grace, helping us deepen our participation in God’s life and the way of Jesus through intentional practice. And we seek a bishop who will embody the missionary spirit of our founding Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple, who shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with neighbors near and far, reaching out across cultural and geographic boundaries with the conviction that no one and no place is beyond the bounds of God’s love.


The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

The Rev. Debbie Brown, President
Ms. Laura Bathke, Vice President

The Rev. Devon Anderson
The Rev. Justin Chapman
Mr. Chris Commers
Ms. Sue Grove
The Rev. Siri Hustad
Ms. Julia New Landrum
The Rev. Blair Pogue
Ms. Alexis Roy
The Rev. Ramona Scarpace
Mr. Rich Simons

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