Petition Process

The petition process closed on December 2nd at 5pm.

The Petition Process allows for the addition of candidates after the Search Process has concluded and the Standing Committee has announced its slate of candidates to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. A Petition Candidate will undergo the same degree of background and reference screening as the announced slate of candidates. The Petition Process shall remain confidential until the Standing Committee certifies a petition candidate as part of the final slate of candidates. Any Episcopal priest in good standing may become a petition candidate provided she or he meets the criteria set forth in the Canons and by the Standing Committee.

The Petition Process has three phases: 

1) identification of a candidate

2) vetting of a candidate

3) completion by a candidate of Standing Committee requirements

A total of eleven items are due by the end of the third phase.

Phase One

Phase One begins at the same time as the announcement of the Slate of Candidates by the Standing Committee (November 22, 2019). Submissions due as part of Phase One include the following five items:

  1. A petition form naming the candidates and signed by (i) at least seven clergy canonically resident in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and (ii) at least seven adult lay communicants of congregations in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, and provided further (iii) that those fourteen persons signing the petition shall include at least one clergy and one lay member from each of the seven mission areas of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  No person may sign more than one petition.  The candidate may not be a signer of the petition.  Senior high youth are also eligible to sign a petition if they are a registered youth delegate to convention from their mission area, or a registered delegate to convention from their home faith community. 
  2. A completed Application Form.
  3. Answers to essay questions (found in Application Form).
  4. A current resume, including current address and other contact information.
  5. An updated OTM profile.
  6. A current photograph.
  7. At least three references, with at least one from a member of the clergy.
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