Election Governance

Use the links on this page to better understand the rules and regulations that govern the election of a new bishop.

Special Standing Rules of Order

ECMN Standing Rules of Order

ECMN Constitution and Canons (regarding convention)

ECMN Constitution and Canons (shorter version)

Secretary’s notice regarding ECMN Delegates

Canons Regarding Clergy Delegates

(7-B-8) Composition of Convention. The delegates to Convention are:

(7-B-8-a) the Bishop Diocesan, and any Bishop Coadjutor, Bishops Suffragan, and Assistant Bishops; and

(7-B-8-b) other Clergy canonically resident in The Diocese who are not under Ecclesiastical Discipline, and who are: (i) regularly elected or appointed to, and officiating in, a Congregation within The Diocese; or (ii) regularly assigned by the Bishop Diocesan for ministry within The Diocese; or (iii) regularly working in an occupation, with the consent of the Bishop Diocesan, and within the past twelve months have complied with the applicable reporting requirements of the Canons of the Episcopal Church; or (iv) canonically resident and who, while active within The Diocese in any capacity mentioned in this Section (7-B-8-b), retires from active service, except when due to threat of Ecclesiastical Discipline; and

(7-B-8-c) Lay delegates from Congregations in Union with Convention and otherwise entitled to representation.

Canons Regarding Certified Lay Delegate Vacancies

Canon 207.5 Vacancies.  Any vacancy in the representation of any Congregation is filled either temporarily or permanently by an alternate delegate designated to the Secretary of Convention by the Priest-in-Charge of that Congregation. In the event a congregation loses both its elected Lay delegate(s) and alternate(s), a special election shall be called by the Congregation to fill the positions for the remaining term of the delegates.

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