Convention Details

Find information to help you get prepared for and navigate to the electing convention at St. Mark’s Cathedral on January 25th at 9am.

Livestream Available

For those in your faith community who want to watch along, the electing convention will be livstreamed on the ECMN Facebook page. You can find it right around 10am on January 25th by clicking here.


There is plenty of parking nearby the Cathedral.


The election will take place within the context of Eucharist. Credentialing and check-in will begin at 9am. We will start the service promptly at 10am and move through to the prayers of the people, during which we will elect our new bishop.  

There will be as many ballots as are necessary to elect a new bishop. (Note: in order to have a successful election, a candidate must have a majority of votes in both the clergy and lay order in the same ballot). 

Lunch will be provided, and all voting delegates to be asked to remain on the premises for lunch. If needed, there will be a recess in the convention for lunch. If we have not elected a bishop by lunchtime, convention will re-convene in the afternoon.

Once we have successfully elected a new bishop, we will celebrate in the way we know best: by celebrating the Eucharist together. In the context of the Eucharist, you will be asked to return your voting devices and to sign the Testimonial (which is used to validate the election). 


Credentialing will begin at 9am. Immediately after you enter the Cathedral, volunteers will be present to direct you to the credentialing tables. You will be checked off of the lists by a member of the credentialing committee, given a slip to bring with you to pick up your name tag and your voting device, then led upstairs to the Sanctuary. You will need your name tag, designating you as a delegate, in order to enter those second floor spaces.

Convention Booklet

The Convention Booklet is filled with useful information to help prepare you for January 25th. It includes an agenda, a flow for the day, frequently asked questions, information about voting and about the standing rules that will govern our time together.


The Standing Committee is pleased to announce a final slate of 5 candidates for the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota: 

  • The Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of California
  • The Very Rev. Craig Loya, Dean, Trinity Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska
  • The Rev. Kara Wagner Sherer, Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Chicago, Illinois
  • The Rev. Canon Robert Two Bulls, Vicar, All Saints Indian Mission; Missioner for the Department of Indian Work and Multicultural Ministries
  • The Rev. Erika von Haaren, Vicar/COO, Saint Barnabas on the Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona

Road Trip Forum – Videos and Transcript Available

4 of the 6 forums that took place during the Bishop Candidate Road Trip were recorded, and are now available on the Bishop Search website. Additionally, one of the forums was transcribed for those who may have hearing impairments or are unable to watch the videos.

How We Elect Our Bishop

Click the button below to better understand the rules and regulations that govern the election of a new bishop.

It’s Winter

Prepare for cold and icy conditions, because, Minnesota. There is plenty of parking available near St. Mark’s Cathedral, but you will likely need to walk a bit, so don’t forget warm clothes and boots!

Bring Your Coffee Cup and Water bottle!

There will be coffee and water stations throughout the Cathedral, so you can stay hydrated and energized throughout the electing convention. We ask that you bring reusable coffee cups and water bottles so we can reduce waste at this convention.

Snacks, Anyone?

The electing convention does not have an estimated end time. We simply can’t predict how long it will take. With that in mind, bring snacks, and plan to spend the whole day at the Cathedral.

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