October 22, 2019

Your Homework Enroute to Bishop X

We know—because you have told us—that the 10th Bishop of ECMN should embody qualities of resilience, creativity and imagination as our shepherd in these times.

To find—and elect—such a faithful person, we call upon the Holy Spirit, but all in ECMN are asked to do some intentional homework:

  1. Check out the new category that’s been added to mnbishopsearch.org regarding initial details of the Electing Convention in January for our next Bishop.
  2. Make a point to attend candidate forums in person or online. There are many being held around the state from January 13 – January 19.
  3. In our last update, Team Search asked you to review the schedule for the naming of a slate and asked you to pray for those in final consideration to be named as candidates for the 10th Bishop of Minnesota. Please do so on All Saints Day.
  4. Next make sure your voting delegates review the Profile. Based on your extensive feedback, ECMN seeks a Spirit-filled leader who can:

bishop_mitreDelegates and congregations should begin to educate themselves now on the latest trends in the Church. Understand that it will take adaptive leadership to operate in a world without road maps. We’re compiling a list of a few resources to dive into. Help us add to it with the best things you’ve seen by emailing  bishopsearch@episcopalmn.org

Out east, for example, the Rt. Reverend Sean Rowe is Bishop for two (yes, two) dioceses in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York. That is a very different set of circumstances than Minnesota, but see what Bishop Rowe said in a Living Church interview about questions we should begin to ask.

In coming weeks, look for other helpful links. Let us also commit to offer our support, strength and energy to whomever becomes Bishop X, as we continue Christ’s work in the world, together.


MN Bishop Team Search


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