October 8, 2019

Where Are We?
What Can I Do?

If you are wondering where we are in the Bishop Search process for ECMN’s next spirit-filled leader, and what you can do to help, we’ve got answers.

As the timeline (shown at Convention) indicates below, your Search Team is finishing up background checks and planning for a discernment retreat with candidates who have applied and been screened in as most closely representing the qualities and aspirations described in the Profile. (And that was based on survey work and feedback from all across ECMN.)

Search Timeline Updated

Now the candidates are coming in—on the ground in Minnesota—for additional interviews, as your Search Team discerns 3-5 names to provide the Standing Committee by mid-November and a final slate is determined and announced.

We need your prayers. Even more importantly, these candidates—as yet unknown to you—need uplifting as well. Search Team Chaplain Michael Tippett offers this prayer all our churches, clergy and vestries might say between now and All Saints Day:

Most Holy God — You are the gracious source of all relationship, and we live and move and have our being within your generous love. You have called us to join in creating your beloved community, and so we seek to give ourselves away to new relationships.

Hold those who engage in discernment for our next Bishop closely — the candidates, their families, and your Search Team who work with them to discern. Guide us all as we seek to draw closer to your heart. We pray in the Spirit of the one who came to teach us these things. Amen.

We are excited to meet the candidates. Remember you will meet the finalists too, in their January road trip around the state. Take time to read the Profile and reflect on the kind of candidates drawn to that call. Be thinking about the state of the Church and the substantive questions you and others should ask the final candidates. And then, pray deeply that the Holy Spirit guides us to Bishop X.

In a future post, look for helpful links to articles on some of the challenges and important ways of thinking about future Church vitality as we live out the Way of Love.

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