September 24, 2019

An Important Time of Prayer

The incomparable Steven Charles has a meditation which begins, “Let my prayer find you where you are . . .” Your Search Committee for 10th Bishop of Minnesota, asks your intercessory prayers this week to be carried by the Holy Spirit to whoever our bishop candidates should be.

bishop_mitreAs you heard at Convention we must turn over 3-5 names (fully discerned and backgrounded) to the Standing Committee by mid-November. Once that final slate is determined and announced, these candidates will be coming back to Minnesota to get out and around the state for conversation and your consideration in advance of the January 25th electing convention.

Please pray for these candidates and their families. Please pray for your Search Committee to be guided by our Lord—the God of what’s next—to narrow the field among many good candidates, so it can faithfully complete its work and give way to the Transition Committee which will faithfully guide the next steps of the process.

Review the timeline slide. Take another look at the Profile which reflects the hopes and needs for ECMN we heard around the state. Make a point of thinking about the decision ahead and the key questions you want our next spirit-filled leader to have. “Bishop X,” whoever you are, let our prayers find you where you are.

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