June 11, 2019

Inside the Bishop Search Process   

Pentecost is a good time to remind ourselves to let the Holy Spirit lead us to our next Bishop.

As your appointed Bishop Search Committee, we’ve:

  • Heard a lot in listening sessions statewide
  • Learned a lot from survey work, homework, studying national trends, MN demographics, ASAs (Average Sunday Attendance), and more
  • Prayed a lot (and ask your prayers, too) as we approach the finishing touches on a position Profile to go to the Standing Committee for final review.

And then, by July the search for candidates begins in earnest. Be thinking and talking up the tremendous opportunity that exists here in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN).

Until then, we thought we’d step back and have some fun, Quiz Show Style.

Which of the following is true? Among the suggestions made for Bishop X, people wanted:

  1. Someone with their own plane and pilot’s license to get around the state;
  2. A bishop who has a twin, so they can be in more places, more often;
  3. A bishop who plays banjo;
  4. Who paddles a canoe;
  5. A bishop who is a Lutheran woman;
  6. A reincarnation of Bishop Michael Ramsey.

What say you? Answer below.


Chair Susan Moss
Vice Chair George Thompson
& your entire Search Team

Quiz Answer



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