May 21, 2019 Update

Webster’s Dictionary describes discernment as “being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.” In the Christian context it can mean “to see the heart of the matter from God’s vantage point, to see beneath the surface of events and see through illusions within human systems, and to see beyond the immediate and transient.”

The Search for the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church is a bit like both of those things. Thanks to the many of you who have participated in Holy Listening sessions around our state, and for the many who took The Holy Cow! survey searching for the qualities you seek in our next Bishop. Now discernment continues around what we have heard, praying to hear “the still, small, voice of God” in these conversations that will inform the ECMN Profile, our collective hopes, desires and expectations.

Understand where we are in the process. No candidates have been chosen or even discussed. In mid-June we will submit the Profile to the Standing Committee. In late June, with Standing Committee approval, this Profile and the application process will begin with the call for nominations.

We ask you to pray with us during this important time. Stay tuned to the Search Website for updates.

Finally, if you haven’t already, by May 31st please send us 2-3 joyful and sincere photos from your faith community and affiliated organizations. We’re not looking for buildings, but rather your favorite people shots, expressing how the Spirit is alive in your midst.

We have also added a “last call” listening session at St Mark’s on June 8 from 1-3 PM. We value your voice and will not stop listening to your insights and aspirations, your longings and concerns.

Chair Susan Moss
Vice Chair George Thompson
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