April 13, 2019

Seeking Transition Committee Members

Ever thought about what it takes to elect a new bishop? There is a Search Committee hard at work right now listening to the desires of all of us for the 10th Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota. They’ll give the Standing Committee 3-5 names late this fall.

Then a Transition Committee needs to pick up the next part, to introduce the candidates around the state in a “walk about.” They walk compassionately with these candidates (and their families), because only one candidate will be elected. This committee plans all phases of the transition, including the liturgy and Consecration of ECMN’s Xth Bishop, and the logistics of the move, all while communicating to the rest of us what’s happening. Also on their plate will be the celebration of Bishop Prior’s episcopacy.

Think you might have some of those skills to serve on the Transition Committee? Pray about it during Holy Week and then consider applying soon. The deadline is May 4.   Click here for the original job description and application. We thank you.

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